Government officials are warning South Sudanese against unnecessary travel to Kenya amidst a major hate campaign.

Cyprian Nyakundi, a vile, malicious, tribalist and hateful blogger from Kenya started campaigning on twitter for Kenyans to unite against South Sudanese in his country.

The xenophobic campaign has gathered momentum on social media with many threatening, with a racist language, that they will harm South Sudanese they encounter in Kenya.

Cyprian wrote that Kenyans should not fight each other, as ethnic tensions rise in Kenya ahead of elections, but instead should turn against South Sudanese.

Cyprian is unhappy that four Kenyans (along with 12 South Sudanese) were tried by the Supreme Court in Juba, found guilty and jailed for defrauding $500m USD from the Office of the President, J1. The verdict was overturn on appeal and the case is being retried.

Government officials have reassured Kenyans in South Sudan that they have nothing to fear. They urge South Sudanese not to retaliate or take the law into their own hands.

via The National Courier