Kuol Mawien is a teen like no other, at 17 he founded an online clothing line called ‘One King Clothing’ [www.1kingclothing.com] which he says is aimed at empowering other teenagers to pursue their dreams and goals.

“My goal is to expand my brand and empower the kids of our generation to chase there dreams and to focus on what life is really about, through some life experiences, being a migrant etc”, Kuol told Hot in Juba.

“I have realised there’s more to life than, Facebook likes, parties and the other things teens my age get carried away with, and the only way I could do that and empower people of my generation to excel in there dreams”, he said.

“I just want to empower my generation. What Nike says, ‘just do it’, that’s a message of empowerment”

His clothes include positive messages that inspire teens to be true to who they are and to pursue their passions.

To support his cause visit his website: www.1kingclothing.com. You can also get in touch with Kuol via FB: Kuol Mawien Kuol Jr or email: kkuol123@gmail.com.

Sales on website

Sales on website