About 326,149 Senior Four candidates sat for Uganda Certificate of Education examinations at 3,568 centers across Uganda.

Among the South Sudanese students who sat the exams Deng Ngor Ayuel performed well with aggregate 11. Alfred Mohammed Lino Buak had aggregate 12.

Among those with agg less than 24 and more than 12, were Majier Daniel Mading with agg. 14, Kiden Wani Buyu with agg. 17, Adhel Garang with agg. 19, Deng Aguek Nyok with agg. 19, Awil Bill Dominic with agg. 20 and Ajak Jacob with agg. 23.

At least 151,894 (46.6%) of the candidates are from public schools while 174,255 (53.4 %) are in private ones. This shows that UNEB registered 3,020 (about 0.9%) more candidates, up from 323,129 of 2016.

HIJ congratulates all the students who passed their UCE.