South Sudanese students in Kenya have removed their leaders Ayuel Taupiny and Tom Gadel. The two student leaders are accused of financial misappropriation, gross misconduct among other accusations.
In a meeting convened by the councilors in Nakuru, Kenya last week, it was resolved that the two leaders who have overstayed their terms be removed from the office of South Sudanese Students Association in Kenya (SSSAK).
“Simon Nhial Chakuoth, a Councilor from Kisii University moved a motion to Impeach Mr. Ayuel Taupiny Malek and Tom Gadel Malowa pursuant to Article 48 of the Reviewed Constitution of SSSAK, 2016 for financial misappropriation, gross misconduct, abuse of office and executive authority, violation of the constitution and obstruction of the progress of the Association, soliciting money from top government ministers in the name of the Association, and finally interference with and obstruction of the electoral process,” a statement by the students reads in part.

The two student leaders are further “accused for stealing students’ money, arbitrarily arresting students, weakening the institutions of governance, using his SSSAK office to manipulate and swindle elders and fellow students, failing to conduct elections for three years, politicizing the mandate of the Association and obstruction of the elections.”

Ms. Kuei Mawien Dhor was elected the new leader by the councilors drawn from various universities in Kenya.
On his part, Ayuel Taupiny said the process of his removal is illegal and vowed to remain the chairperson of SSSAK until election is done to appoint new leader. Kuei is now tasked with organising election for new leadership in six months.
SSSAK is the South Sudanese students governing body in Kenya.