24-year-old Eliano Gong Achuil, a South Sudanese Student, Studying at Aint Al Sham University in Cairo, was allegedly kidnapped on Saturday while leaving the hostel in Cairo, Egypt.

According to the relative, he said that the kidnappers intoxicated Gong and rushed him out of reach though he later managed to make a phone call.

“Before his phone was removed, Gong told someone in Egypt that the gangs came and put a chemical on his face and kidnapped him”

Relative are asking anyone with information to contact the nearest police.

” He is brown-skinned with the long afro hairstyle, five-foot-one, weighs 65 pounds and has a medium build. He has thick beards on his cheek. He was wearing a jacket with unidentified jeans. Anyone with information is asked to contact Madi police or relatives at 01148760376 01100134596 0100 2410833,” relative said in a press release.