Singer Abul Garang better known as Melodiva to music world becomes the second South Sudanese singer to declare quitting skin bleaching practice.

The singer who is known for her 2016 hit song “You’re The Reason” courageously ended her love West Africa made “Caro” skin bleaching lotions at the beginning of 2017. She publicly announced her decision on Facebook this morning earning her praise from hundreds of fans and supporters.

Melo quits bleaching

Friends and family commenting on Abul’s Facebook post hailed her courageous move.

The singer said she was misled by her peers into bleaching while she was a teenager. She told HIJ that she came to realise the importance of loving oneself “the way God created you”.

She vowed to advocate against skin lightening in South Sudan.

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Melodiva becomes the second South Sudanese singer after Australia-based singer Nyaruot JJ in 2015 declared quitting skin bleaching.

Other female musicians accused of skin bleaching include Jamila Adaw, Madonita, Queen Zee among others.