A South Sudanese refugee living in Kakuma-Kenya has been fatally shot dead by unidentified Turkana gunmen at around 7: 50 pm in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

The incident happened on Friday when a group of evangelists came under heavy attacks as they were going back to their residential areas in Kakuma One after attending an evangelism conference organized by the Nuer Christian Youth for Peace and Development in another sub-camp.

Duoth Bol, one of the survivors, who said he had lost his phone when he was almost hit by the same bullet that passed through the deceased young man, explained that the gang of armed robbers from the host community were angered for having been resisted when they tried rob the refugees of their mobile phones.

Kenya hosts a large number of asylum-seeking refugees from South Sudan and seven other countries who have been forced to flee from their places as a result of a bloody civil war in their countries of origin.