In an exclusive interview conducted recently by Hot in Juba, US based South Sudanese rapper Kur Papiti shared his musical journey and aspirations as he plans to release his new album dubbed ‘African Drip’.
This comes after he recently dropped a hit single of his debut album which is due to be released soon. The song which goes by “African Drip” draws its inspiration from the African culture as well as the rapper’s Shilluk tribe heritage.
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The rapper conducted an interview with Hot in Juba:

HIJ: What’s your real name?

Kur: My birth name is Kur Papiti, which as well doubles up as my music name.

HIJ: How old are you?

Kur: Am 25 years of age.

HIJ: Where do you reside currently?

Kur: I am currently based in Des Moines capital in the US state of Iowa

HIJ: When did you start music?
Kur: I started my musical career back in 2007.

HIJ: Who’s your biggest inspiration in music?

Kur: My music inspiration comes from Congolese musician Awilo Longomba and American rapper, Young Thug.

HIJ: Do you have any current and upcoming music projects?

Kur: I am currently working on my album, African Drip. I also have new music videos coming up, hopefully, they will be out next month. Besides music, I am also bound to hold a free fundraiser for the homeless.

His hit single ‘African Drip’ has been favorited by many netizens and can be watched on YouTube via

The song is directed by American music video director Lil EG.