South Sudan’s patriarchal setup has often alienated and stigmatized the South Sudanese female. This tends to happen when supporting and uplifting is what is actually needed. In a society where reporting sexual assault means your “morals and conduct” are scrutinized, places of solace are all but non-existent.

Taking action

In a bid to take back their power, South Sudan women have been taking steps to ensure justice is served. This was seen recently when a group of women took to the twitter streets to share their experiences and publicly declare their assailants.

Having gone through various forms of sexual assault, the group decided to cast a wide net. This was done by inviting anyone with a story to share. This prompted various responses, mostly admission of having gone through sexual assault. Throngs of people came forward in solidarity and to also share their experiences. One thing was however clearly evident, their assailants walk free to this day.