George who made international news headlines when he invented an airplane in his backyard in Juba was attacked and badly beaten by a gang of more than 10 “niggas” last week.

We contacted him over the incident.

“What happened was that there was a party attended by my younger brothers in a house next door. I went to that house at around 10pm to ask my brothers to come home since it was late but I met the group at the gate and they attacked me” He explained.

Mel who is now an aviation student of South Sudan Airforce told HIJ that the incident was not planned but just a misunderstanding with these gangs who show their might by beating up people who they deem disrespectful to them.

He said he reported the matter to the police and some of the guys were detained but later set free with no charges. Mel said he is currently recuperating from the minor injuries he sustained from the attack.

BTW in South Sudan word “Niggas” is commonly used to refer to Hiphop musicians and other violent gangs of youth.