Following the ban by the government on live music concerts, night clubs and other social gatherings, South Sudanese musicians have resorted to composing awareness songs about the Coronavirus pandemic.

Veteran South Sudanese singers WJ the King, Neetah Baby, and the Kilkilu Ana Comedy Show founder, MC Lumoex are the latest South Sudanese singers to join the growing number of artists who have made songs about the pandemic.

With 4 Coronavirus cases confirmed in South Sudan, the government says it has redoubled its efforts to prevent further spread of the disease which has crippled the economies worldwide.

Other musicians who have made songs about Coronavirus include, Lomerikason, Mr. Lengs, L.U.A.L among others.

Comedians are also not left behind as Feel Free and other upcoming comedians like Butrus Gali have been releasing Coronavirus themed comedy skits.