Atak Autiak, is a Junubi with bigger balls! After making headlines weeks back when he offered 800 cows to marry US president’s daughter, he is now back and asking for your help in obtaining Malia Obama’s contacts.

Mr. Atak a businessman, in Kuajok says, “As I explained before, there are difficulties in obtaining the contacts of Malia, difficulties are still in place. I know our people are better at anything and I think obtaining her contacts may not be impossible to our South Sudanese brothers and sisters. I’m calling on South Sudanese all over the universe to help in any mean of obtaining her contacts before July”.

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Atak also said his uncle was not happy with the criticism they received from Junubin after Hot in Juba shared his story.

“Mangardit who is one of uncles to meet Obama in July thanked supporters and slammed criticism we received from South Sudanese.” He told HIJ.

He said his 70 year old uncle believes Obama would understand their offer if they are given a chance to meet since the US president’s grandmother is African and the practice is common in African cultures.

Atak says his uncle Mangardit describes Malia as a “beautiful girl with an incredible height and one that will make her a good wife like her mother Michelle Obama”.