If you are a news junkie, chances are that you must have read or watched on your TV the news about a Kenyan lawyer who offered to marry US president’s daughter. Mr. Felix Kiprono Mategei who is a lawyer affiliated to Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto offered to pay 50 cows as dowry for Obama’s older daughter Malia, 17.

The second Kenyan man, a Masaai ‘moran’ also came out last week and offered a whooping 500 cows to marry Malia Obama when US president visits Kenya in July.

Now, the latest to join the race to marry Obama’s daughter is our own South Sudanese. YES! You heard it right. A businessman Mr. Atak Autiak in Kuajok told us this week why he wants to marry Obama’s daughter and he is bidding higher dowry price than both Kenyans combined.

“I’m challenging those Kenyans who are bidding for president Obama’s daughter. I’m ready to pay 500 cows as dowry and more 300 cows as thanks if accepted. My relatives are ready to meet Obama once he is in Kenya. I’m Atak Autiak, son of Chief Autiak Deng Kuac of Pageu clan from Aweil and currently working in Kuajok. Those ready to meet him are; Kuac Mangardit and Muordit accompanied by other relatives,” Mr. Atak explained to Hot in Juba in his office in Kuajok.

Atak in his 20s, said millionaire businessman Makiir Gai who he is very close to supports him in his quest to marry daughter of first black president of America.

He also said it was a shame to Africa for a Kenyan to offer only 50 cows to marry the daughter of world’s most powerful man.

“At first it was 500 cows and additional 300 for accepting but after second meeting yesterday night, some top herders changed the number to 1,000 heads saying offering hundreds will be a shame since hundreds are paid in ordinary girls’ marriages. Some of country top men like Makiir Gai supported the bid claiming it was a shame letting Kenyan do what we South Sudanese are known for. Makiir also said offering hundreds instead of thousand was a shame to Africa, this is president Obama’s daughter!” He explained.

Malia Obama

Malia Obama

Asked whether he has tried to contact Obama’s daughter, Atak said so far he has tried to get contacts for Malia Obama but he’s been unsuccessful obtaining the telephone numbers.

He said this is a humble request which is normal in African cultures and any family would accept his offer. And at this moment the ball is in Barrack Hussein Obama’s court whether to take it or not.

If granted his wish Atak Autiak says he will be the first in Dinka history to pay 800 cows for a girl.