Relatives of a South Sudanese man jailed in Kenya say he is suffering in Kenyan prison. Abraham Makoi was arrested in March and arraigned in court on accusation that he defiled a 5-year-old girl in Nyayo estate in Nairobi. Relatives and the accused himself denied the charges.

The elderly man took his plea on March 12 at the Makadara Law Courts where he applied for bail through his lawyer but was denied and put to jail.

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His relatives say he was never sentenced or brought to court again for hearing of his case. The wife of Abraham who was brought from South Sudan to visit him in jail say he his having hard times in prison since he doesn’t speak English or Swahili. Makoi was arrested only 5 days after he came to Kenya for medical treatment.

According to relatives, the South Sudanese embassy in Kenya has been reluctant to help in the case follow up.