A South Sudanese man named Makoi Madhak Dier was arraigned in Kenya court on March 12 over accusation of defiling a minor.

Makoi is accused of defiling a 5-year girl. He reportedly came to Kenya 3 weeks ago to visit his family which resides in Nyayo Estate in Embakasi neighborhood.

While in the estate during the day, he raped a 5-year old minor. When he was found and accosted by residents, he was just laughing and mocking the residents. His hosts warned the complainant and threatened them.

The elderly man took his plea on March 12 at the Makadara Law Courts where he applied for bail through his lawyer but was told to wait for bail ruling on Tuesday 17 of March (today).

The deputy ambassador in Kenya attended the court hearing. An embassy official who was at the court told Hot in Juba that they believe Makoi is innocent and being framed by his neighbors in Nyayo Estate.

“There is no case here, you know how tricky Kenyan people are, they would do anything for money”, the official said.

“Before this case was brought to court the family of the young girl had demanded to be paid 1million shillings to be silent on the matter, but because Makoi believe he didn’t rape the girl that is why he told them to come to court”. He added.