US Assistant Secretary of Bureau on African Affairs Tibor P. Nagy said the United States of America wants the peace process in South Sudan to succeed because people have suffered enough.

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“We want the process to succeed and this is the common theme: we want the people of South Sudan to win, they have suffered enough and they have been abused enough,” Tibor said.

Addressing Journalists on a Telephone Press Conference Monday, Tibor said political elites need to get to the point of serving their own people instead of their own selfish interests.

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He stated that the international community was sick, tired and fed up with providing the government services that the latter should be providing for its own people.

In regards to sanctions, Tibor said the United States of America reserves the rights to sanction any individual or organization on several different criteria, gross human right violations, corruption, and other development-threatening vices.

“We don’t announce ahead of time that we are going to sanction, we look very closely, at say, at somebody who may be hindering the peace process or serving as a spoiler, and you know we will apply them.

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We have gotten several in South Sudan, and it’s not one-sided, if there are people or organization on the government side, you know who merits such a sanction, we will do that,” Tibor said.

He added that if there are people on the opposition the same thing will happen to them.

Last week, US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, accompanied by other senior US States Department officials, came to Juba to meet the government and all the opposition groups.

During his visit to Juba, Ambassador Tibor did not have time for media engagement but the African Regional Media Hub organized a telephonic press briefing to enable him share with Journalists the result of his trip to a number of selected countries in Africa which includes South Sudan.