South Sudanese first female Aluel Bol, who previously worked with Ethiopia Airlines before taking up an advisory role within the ministry of transport and roads went down the aisle after she exchanged vows with her sweetheart Marial Gumke at Davinci Hotel on Saturday. The glamorous wedding of Fly Dubai first class pilot was followed by a reception at Nyakuron Cultural Centre. Aluel and Marial announced the plans of wedding early this year

Marial Gumke is said to be a government official and a polygamist who has two wives already. He a well known politician in Lakes State.

Aluel Bol made news headlines and history in 2011 when she graduated and became first South Sudanese female pilot. She was immediately offered job by several regional airlines including Ethiopia Airlines. She worked for Ethiopian Airlines and later Fly Dubai.

She was this year promoted as first class pilot by United Arab Emirates based, Fly Dubai which operates daily flights to Juba.