Launched in early 2021 by The Snoop Magazine Co. Ltd, SudoSounds (app &portal) is the first, 100% South Sudanese Music One-Stop Online Shop.

Getting curated playlists of local music used to be a real struggle. If you are a fan of South Sudanese music and really like listening to your favourite artists and songs, either at work or while relaxing; SudoSounds is the one place to be, virtually.

“You roll with me, I roll with @SudoSounds, get the best songs and vibe like a boss.” Tweeted Nelson Kwaje, a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Impact Cap Initiative.

Hailed as a game-changer by the users, SudoSounds is expected to change the way South Sudanese artists connect with their fans across the globe.

The app, currently available on PlayStore for Android devices and a web portal [] for free for all users, boasts a music catalog of exclusively tens of thousands of South Sudanese songs from a range of South Sudanese musicians. “Loving the traditional section on @SudoSounds – #SSOT put some music in your day.” Commented @Thagafatna.

The app targets users looking for South Sudanese music and allows users to create and save multiple playlists from songs they live stream or have downloaded.

“South Sudanese music is slowly taking shape. I’m really impressed by the tunes and productions we are making. I’m currently enjoying Waja by Cocoson and Ana Yau Bi Arif by Hardlife. Stop by Afrimmo too. Let’s continue to stream our own music. Subscribe to their YouTube Channels.” Tweeted Akau Jambo, a rising city comedian.

Speaking to Hot in Juba, a senior developer at Sudosounds said the app is not only a unique online music shop but also a platform to incentivize South Sudanese music. “We are still developing other functionalities which include: payment pathways.” She further elaborates.

SudoSounds gets updated daily with new musical contents from South Sudanese music content creators across the globe, allowing users to browse exclusively from different music categories.

Download the SudoSounds Here:

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