South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Mali and Libya were listed as some of the worst countries in the world, for one to be a woman.

Research organizations Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security and Peace Research Institute Oslo said the state of women’s rights has improved in some 60 countries, but in deteriorated in many war-torn nations.The researchers looked at 167 countries since 2017 when the first Women, Peace and Security Index was compiled, weighing variables such as access to bank accounts, jobs and security.

Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and Iraq were the other countries at the bottom of the ranking.

The new research found deterioration in women’s lives was often linked to security, which worsened in almost 50 countries.

As to legal reforms, Moldova moved up 22 places owing to changes in its sexual assault laws.

Saudi Arabia persisted in having the most extensive legal discrimination against women, followed by Yemen, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and Syria.

The report said legal discrimination means about 2.7 billion women globally are restricted from working in the same jobs as men.