South Sudan Triple A kick-boxing Team on Friday won the International Kick-Boxing Tournament which took place at Nyakuron Cultural Center in Juba. The South Sudan Champion Daniel Abayok won the Title-Belt which was brought in from Vienna, Austria.

Daniel Abayok beat Dennis Romano of Uganda in a highly competitive event.

He thanked the people of South Sudan for supporting him to the title.

Team coach, Puro Okelo appreciated all those who participated in the event, while acknowledging the competitiveness between Abayok and Romano.

“I am now glad to see all the public on this day of competition cheering up their teams and to witness the fruit of my tireless work,” Okelo said.

He requested all institutions and individuals and the Triple A Team of South Sudan not to relax ahead of the next Tournament in South Africa in October this year.

The countries that had participated at the Nyakuron event were South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda.