Talks to resolve the pending issues in the peace deal were deadlocked on Thursday as the parties bickered over powers and competencies of the first vice president, according to officials at the peace talks.

“There are differences because the SPLM-IO insisted on maintaining the functions of the first vice president stipulated in the previous agreement, while the other parties are saying that the situation has changed and some of the functions of the first vice president have to be given to the other four vice presidents,” Peter Mayen Majongdit, leader of the People’s Liberal Party (PLP), told the media this afternoon.

He pointed out that the South Sudan warring parties are still discussing the competencies of the first vice president designate, Riek Machar.

Majongdit revealed that the parties have already agreed on the five ministries, the composition of the constitutional amendment committees and the judiciary reform committee.

Meanwhile, Kornelio Kon Ngu, leader of South Sudan’s National Alliance of Political Parties, said that the peace talks are progressing well in Khartoum. “The parties have agreed on the constitutional amendment commit and the judiciary reform committee,” he said.

“The remaining problem now is the functions of the first vice president but I think it will be resolved,” he said.

The IGAD bloc, which is mediating the South Sudan peace process, decided to extend the South Sudan talks on the remaining issues between the warring parties in Khartoum until 19 August.