By Deng A Freeman

A few States that are most likely to be canceled:

1) Salva Kiir’s home State must go: What will his people do? Would they rebel on their own son? Kiir’s home State must go.

2) Riek Machar home State: Since their own son called for the reduction of States, his home State must go. In addition, his people are already “Rebels”…what else are they going to do? Double down on rebellion?

3) Paul Malong Awan home State: they are peaceful people and won’t do anything bad. Their State will be easy take-away.

4) Wani Igga home State: There’s nothing they can do.

5) Terekaka State: extremely few people. They can’t cause any harm. Easy take-away.

6)  Gok State: Just too small to survive on its own, besides Goks are peaceful people.

5 States that will never be touched:

1) Ruweng State: Tough people and they got oil
2) Twic Mayardit: Small state but great people
3) Tonj State: No messing with Akol Koor
4) Boma state: Trouble makers
5) Jonglei State: Too large.

If you belong in one of the first listed 6 States, too bad! Be prepared for annexation, buddy!

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