Kenyan media is reporting that the MPs at the East African Legislative Assembly have voted to expel South Sudan and Burundi for not paying their membership fees for several years.

The final decision will be made by the East African Council of Ministers whether to implement EALA motion.

All member countries are required to pay $8 million annually to the EAC as contributions. But by June 10, Burundi, which joined the EAC in 2007, had arrears spanning two years totalling $15 million.

South Sudan owes the community a total of $27.8 million. The country became the sixth member after joining the regional body in 2016.

Other EAC partner states that have arrears are Uganda with $1.6 million; Rwanda $2.7 million and Tanzania $4.2 million. Kenya is the only country out of the six members that has fully paid its annual contributions.

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