South Sudan’s National Police Service said any new vehicle license plates being made for the proposed 28 states are wrong and should not be bought by citizens.

Deputy Inspector General of the Police James Biel Rout said Tuesday that he heard that license plates were being issued for the proposed 28 states but warned that citizens should not risk losing their money by acquiring such number plates.

Currently, license plates are marked according to South Sudan’s existing ten states.

“To our surprise, yesterday, a Major from Central Equatoria announced that they have got the new plate number. I wanted to comment that it is completely wrong because the national government gave directives to all the 28 states not to produce a plate number except general headquarter in Juba,” Biel said.

For his part, the Director General of Traffic said he has received an instruction from the council of ministers to stop manufacturing any license plates by any authorities of the proposed 28 states. He rejected a directive made by the police chief of the proposed Jubek State which called on people to get new plates bearing the Jubek name.

Separately, Biel said that next Monday the National Police Service will launch new number plates for all vehicles. He said the council of ministers passed the decision to offer new number plates in a recent extraordinary meeting.

He said there are three companies hired to go ahead with the production of the license plates, logbooks, and driver’s licenses. He added that the ministries of cabinet affairs and interior shall take the necessary measures to implement these resolutions.

via Radiotamazuj