, a website managed by South Sudan NGO Forum has beaten all times most visited website, Radio Tamazuj and Sudan Tribune to become the most visited website in the country.

The website serves as a job listing portal for most relief agencies and non-governmental organisations operating in South Sudan.

According to statistics by website ranking site Alexa, overtook the news websites Sudan Tribune and Radio Tamazuj which have held the first and second place respectively for years. The two sites are now trailing

This latest development is necessitated by the huge number of South Sudanese searching for NGO jobs online. Majority of NGOs in the country have in the recent past moved to online job recruitment.

Hot in Juba has been ranked 7th and 9th in November 2020 and January 2021 respectively.

South Sudan NGO Forum describes itself as an independent coordinating body of national and international NGOs that facilitate members to efficiently and effectively address the humanitarian and development needs in South Sudan.

The NGO Forum is a voluntary, independent networking body of currently 407 national and 122 international NGOs that supports its members to effectively respond to the humanitarian and development needs in South Sudan. All member organisations provide assistance to the South Sudanese people regardless of ethnic background, political affiliation, or religious belief.

Below are the top ten most visited websites between November 2020 and January 2021:

January 2021

  1. South Sudan NGO Forum
  2. Sudan Tribune
  3. Sudanspost
  4. Radio Tamazuj
  5. Eye Radio
  6. Nyamile
  7. The Herald South Sudan
  8. Gurtong
  9. Hot in Juba
  10. Panluel Wel

November 2020

  1. Radio Tamazuj
  2. Sudan Tribune
  3. South Sudan NGO Forum
  4. Eye Radio
  5. Gurtong
  6. Nyamile
  7. Hot in Juba
  8. City Scrollz
  9. Juba TV
  10. South Sudan Nation