Somalia, South Sudan, and Syria are the most corrupt countries in the world, according to newly released figures.

South Sudan was ranked 2nd most corrupt country in the world after scoring 11 points, Burundi was ranked 159th with 20 points and Uganda 151st with 25 points.

Tanzania came 116th with 32 points and Rwanda 54th with 50 points.

Ethiopia scored 34 points (108) and Sudan 14 (170), while the last was Somalia at position 176 with 10 points.

Experts from non-profit Transparency International consulted business people and local experts to give each country a rating out of 100, with zero being the most corrupt and 100 being the least, to create its corruption perceptions index.
This year’s results highlight the connection between corruption and inequality, which feed off each other to create a vicious circle between corruption, unequal distribution of power in society, and unequal distribution of wealth.
In too many countries, people are deprived of their most basic needs and go to bed hungry every night because of corruption, while the powerful and corrupt enjoy lavish lifestyles with impunity.”