The country’s leaders have failed the citizens particularly the youth to providing basic services, the Vice-president for Gender and Youth has said.

Rebecca Nyandeng stated that the country’s leadership is to blame for its failure to empower citizens particularly the youth whom she says they are the future of the country.

“I will not shy away from admitting that many of us leaders in this country have failed to empower our population particularly the youth,” Nyandeng said.

“I can’t talk about other leaders but it is our responsibility to empower the youth,” she added.

Nyandeng was speaking during the launch of a national campaign on ending early child marriage and unintended pregnancies this week on Thursday.

A 2019 State of Adolescents and Youth Report revealed that nine out of ten youth aged 15-24 are without formal employment in the country.

The vice president believes this is because the country’s leaders failed to empower the youths.

She urged her fellow leaders to think of what legacy they want to leave to the next generation.

“I speak a lot about the future of this country and the type of legacy we will be leaving for our children or grandchildren and the many generations still to come,” the vice-president said.

“What is the legacy we are going to leave?”

“Will they (youth) be proud of what they have inherited from us, or will they be liberated enough to ensure that the injustice of today doesn’t turn into hatred of tomorrow,” she concluded.

Via Eye Radio