South Sudan Kick-Boxing federation has received invitation from World Kick-Boxing federation which they are members to take part in the upcoming World kick-boxing Championship next year November 14th in Italy.

Chairman and the same time head coach of South Sudan kick-boxing federation, Mr. Puro Okelo confirmed but did cite financial constraints which might hinder their first ever participation in an world event.

Kick-Boxing in South Sudan and other individual sports have faced huge financial problems as they usual struggle to convince the government for support. This is either because of the austerity measures that the country is going through or the sport is seen as not equal important by some individuals in the government.

The first time South Sudan’s kick-boxing team left the country was in 2014 when they were invited to participate in continental championship in Nairobi Kenya. The management, more especial Coach Puro Okelo struggled to take all his key players.

The players travelled by road after one of the Bus companies operating in the country offered free tickets to a limited number of players.

Okelo who uses most of his own resources to train this boys and girls got discouraged and almost gave up on the federation.

Next year is going to be another test and according to the coach, he would love to take eight team players to Italy six male and two female. This all will depend on the financial support that the federation may get from the government or private companies.

South Sudan has great future in the sport. Coach Okelo is one of the most respected individuals at the World Kick-Boxing federation because of what he achieved as a player and now as coach.

He won titles during his time and has established one of the finest academies in the world in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

Okelo needs resources and any kind of support to take the country which he did not get chance to represent during his playing career to the highest level.

Next year November may look far but to perform well at such world stage, the preparation needs to start now.

via The Stance