South Sudan has started today to host the Sudanese Trade Week Expo, which will provide an opportunity for Sudanese exhibitors to showcase latest products, organizers said on Wednesday.

Dr. Dhieu Mathok Diing, South Sudan’s Minister of Trade and Investment, said buyers staying in South Sudan would be able to meet face to face with exhibitors of Sudanese products at the expo which will continue until 15th January at Freedom Hall in the capital, Juba.

“The event will continue for seven days starting from 7th January. The products will be showcased and the official opening of the event will be on 9th January. It will be opened by H.E President Salva Kiir, and Deputy Head of Sudan’s Transitional Sovereign Council, Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo will attend the event,” Dr. Dhieu told journalists in Juba.

“The ministers in the transitional government, diplomats and business people are invited to attend the opening of the event. The general public is also invited to come starting from 9th January,” he added.

Dhieu, who is also a member of the organizing committee, explained that the event displays Sudanese products including all Giad products.

“The expo demonstrates the strong ties between the two countries and the event is the first of its kind here in South Sudan,” said Ahmed El-Mustafa, Sudan’s Charge d’Affairs in Juba. “Big Sudanese companies like Maawiya Al-Brier and Giad are part of the exhibition. The event shows political will from the two countries to realize development and cooperation so that we reach the level of strategic relations between the two countries.”

“We strongly believe that the event will provide an opportunity for citizens in the two countries to meet the entrepreneurs and discuss how to create unique relations between the two countries,” he added.

Gabriel Thul, a resident of Juba, said: “We are happy with the cooperation between the two countries because we are one people in two countries. So, we welcome the event and all of us should work for the interest of the two countries,” adding that the trade fair will also provide an opportunity for Sudanese and South Sudanese to enhance economic cooperation.