South Sudan presidency has announced the decision to relax the rules and directive placed to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

During the 4th meeting of the presidency attended by various senior government officials, decided to ease the curfews and recommended the opening of shops, bars, restaurants, and ease curfew from 10pm-6am.

In the same meeting, the government and opposition also agreed on state’s allocation.

Bundesliga football has been given the green

ment in April, marking out 4, 11 and 18 May, as well as 8 June, as key dates.

As of Monday (4 May), phase one of the deconfinement measures is being implemented with companies allowed to get back to work and for people to do more sports activities outdoors.

“We can start the new phase on Monday because the criteria are favourable. Hospital admissions continue to decline, with only a third of the beds in the intensive care unit being occupied by COVID-19 patients,” Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes told reporters in Brussels.

As of Wednesday (6 May), there are 50,781 cases, 8,339 reported deaths in Belgium.