Rumbek Girls Volleyball team representing South Sudan in the East Africa Girls Volleyball Championship tournament held in Tanzania has emerged victorious, carrying home a huge cup back to Juba.

Susan Nyatur, Volleyball expressed her excitement of winning the championship.

“It was nice we took the cup, we are happy and proud of our nation,” she said.

The team who were facing difficulties in Tanzania emerged victories despite all the odds.

16-year-old, Bernard Meetin, asks the government to support them by providing medicines and sports materials to represent South Sudan well.

“We are the youth of South Sudan and we want to bring our country up and we need the help of the government to do that,” she added.

The team transports and accommodation were provided by some NGOs after Ministry of Sport failed to approve the funding to cover expenses.

About 35 NGOs supporting the tournament attended the opening ceremony on Thursday in Tanzania.