The Director General for Mineral Development in the Ministry of Mining says the government is set to collect 55 percent of additional non-oil revenue from gold mining in Kapoeta State.

Dr. Cosmas Pitia said this is based on the terms of an agreement signed between the government and two mining companies which will soon begin operations in Kapoeta areas.
The two companies are from the United State and Asia.

Dr. Pitia said the revenue will be shared between the national and state government.
“In general the government gets 55 percent and the company gets 45 percent. The 55 percent will be divided as 20 percent for the Ministry of Mining and then the state government gets 10 percent,” Pitia said.

He added that the communities will benefit from the sale of the gold from their areas.
“The county also gets 3 percent, and then the community of the area will form a cooperative and then they participate,” he said.

Mr. Pitia also said that the mining companies are expected to start their activities in August.
Gold and other minerals can be found in the areas of Napotpot and along Singaita River.

Via Eyeradio