South Sudan Embassy in Kenya which was located Bishop Gate has relocated to a smaller office at  Senteu Plaza and according to South Sudan Ambassador to Kenya, the embassy is likely to shut down anything due to lack of funds to run the embassy.

The move came weeks after the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Deng Alor directed closure of seven Embassies and ordered them to relocate to a smaller building which the government is currently undergoing economic crisis can afford to pay.

South Sudan Ambassador to Kenya, Chol Mawut has allegedly informed all the department in the Embassy that the Embassy is likely to shut down anytime and has asked the staffs not to ask for salary again.

Meanwhile, the new ‘smaller’ office is situated at the crossing of Lenana Road and Galana Road.

The Deputy Ambassador Jimmy Makuach told the media the reason for relocating the Embassy is that the Government can not afford to pay or run the mansion they were renting at Bishop Gate.

“The big building we were in at Bishop Gate has become hard for the government to pay rent for, so, we have to move into a smaller office,” Jimmy said.

He added that the embassy has not paid its staffs for several months.