According to information obtained by The Indian Ocean Newsletter , South Sudan embassies in nearly 20 countries haven’t received money to allow them to function for nearly seven month. And many diplomats and other embassy staffs until January for half of their monthly pay. In late march, fed up with hearing complaints and calls upon finance minister Stephen Dhieu Dau for cash, foreign affairs minister Deng Alor wrote a memo to office of the president asking him to intervene. So far, the office hasn’t replied.
The financial situation at embassies has become so dire that some have had to borrow money from South Sudanese businessmen to cover their everyday expenses. In Ghana, the owner of South Sudan embassy has threaten to close it and the ambassador, Micheal Mayil Chol, could be kicked out of his residence. Likewise, in London ambassador Sabit Abbey Alley has been working from home.

In March, Mawien Makol Ariik, Spokesman of South Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, admitted that diplomats in the diplomatic missions abroad were not paid for several months due to economic crisis.
Last year, South Sudan government decided to cut the number of staff at its embassies around the world due to economic crisis.