The number of coronavirus cases in South Sudan has risen to 58, including two recoveries, after six more positive cases were confirmed and announced by the high-level task force on COVID-19.
The patients are part of a group of mourners who had travelled to one of the states for a funeral and tested positive upon arrival back to Juba.
The incident manager for coronavirus in the ministry of health Dr Angok Gordon Kuol says the patients have been isolated and their contacts are being traced.

He says two other patients who were quarantined with severe symptoms are now doing well and in stable condition.
Dr Angok has also clarified on reports of patients being treated from their homes which has raised fears of further transmission within the community.

He says they are considering employing three approaches on case management which include isolation and treatment of those with mild symptoms at their homes and only those with severe symptoms will be quarantined and treated at the national isolation unit.
Angok says this is due to a lack of resources and limited capacity at the isolation center.