The government of South Sudan has asked Trump Administration to reconsider sanctions on top officials

South Sudan says it is asking the United States to reconsider the sanctions it has imposed on two senior government members, a former official and three companies.

Foreign ministry spokesman Mawien Makol calls the sanctions announced Wednesday “very unfortunate.”

The U.S. imposed sanctions on deputy defense chief Malek Reuben, Information Minister Michael Makuei and former military chief of staff Paul Malong.

They are accused of undermining peace, security and stability in the East African nation where civil war has raged for four years.

The sanctions freeze assets they may have in U.S. jurisdictions, ban them from travel to the U.S. and bar Americans from doing business with them. Three firms owned by Reuben — All Energy Investments, A+ Engineering, Electronics & Media Printing and Mak International Services —also are targeted.