South Sudanese around the world are contributing funds for a young woman who gave birth to four babies on Tuesday, June 10, in Rumbek, Lakes state.

The 26-year-old mother delivered her quadruplets at the Rumbek State Hospital.

Elizabeth Ajock Dut, who is already a mother of four other children is married to Mapuor Majoth, a soldier with the SSPDF.

Elizabeth gave birth to 2 boys, 2 girls.

Pictures of the babies and the mother were shared online garnering sympathies and best wishes from South Sudanese.

But many wondered how the babies whose father earns less than $3 -irregular salary -will survive especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Their story prompted some South Sudanese to start a crowd-funding initiative.

Philip Anyang Ngong, a human rights advocate is among those spearheading the fundraising activity for the quadruplets.

“This is an initiative by South Sudanese worldwide, especially those in Juba,” Anyang said.

He revealed they have so far collected about 700,000 South Sudanese Pounds from well-wishers. 

“We have no exact target of how much to collect, but the target now falls within the days we have agreed to do the collection, which is last night, today and tomorrow, [Friday 12th June].”

Anyang told Eye Radio that the money will cater for the needs of the four babies and the mother, and hopefully uplift the spirit of the father, Mapuor.

“For a soldier who earns SSP 1,200 [and] now has 8 kids…, it will be hard for him to take care of these kids, he stated.

Anyang said anyone willing to contribute the quadruplets in Rumbek can reach the organizers of the fundraising initiation on telephone number +211921111191 or +211925881238

“If you have one pound or any material you want to share with someone who is vulnerable, we really welcome it. We ask even the Office of the First Lady to come on board now,” Anyang appealed.

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