South Sudan Ambassador to Khartoum, Mayen Dut Waal, was thoroughly beaten and dumped unconscious by a group of civilians who were later identified to be sons of a South Sudanese military general, Gen. Abdel Bagi Ayii.
According to sources from Khartoum, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Ambassador Mayen, was attacked and beaten at Suk el Arabi near Arak hotel.
The source alleged that Amb. Mayen was having secret affairs with the wife of Gen. Abdel Bagi and the attack was carried out by the elder sons of the exiled general.
Mayen, who also served as a general in SPLA before his deployment to Khartoum as an ambassador, was found half-dead by Sudanese police on duty on Sept 23rd.
He was rushed to hospital where he remains in critical health conditions.
Attempts to reach the hospital for further information were denied on patient’s privacy grounds.
Amb. Mayen was approved by the Sudanese president Omar El Bashir in September 2012 to serve as an ambassador for his war-torn country.
Since then Mayen has remained in Khartoum as the first and incumbent ambassador of South Sudan to Khartoum.
Besides corruption and visa scandals, Amb. Gen. Mayen has served an humble term during his last four years of his first ambassadorial assignment in Khartoum.