A young South Sudanese lady had a rough night on Christmas Eve when dozen of soldiers stopped her at a checkpoint at Juba University roundabout in Juba.

The lady who was returning from one of the club in the city was stopped at a checkpoint and the men in uniform started questioning her in Arabic which she couldn’t understand.

An eye-witness who was at scene alleges that the soldiers got annoyed when they learned the last who was the driver couldn’t speak Arabic.

“Being in the army does not give you the power to molest and torture civilians. As I was coming from the Club today these people wearing army clothes stopped us at the round about of Jama juba. they were forcing one of my friend to speak Arabic, as she could t not utter any single word because she does not speak Arabic one of the guy got pissed off and was  punch her. …he got so agitated saying that why she is feeling as she is more educated because she speaks English,the lady tried thongmonjang the guy got furrious and said the only language he wants her to speak was Arabic only, ” Eye-witness narrates to HIJ.

There have been cases of civilian being harassed by men in uniform for failing to speak Arabic or speaking English.