The father of the girl who was killed at a birthday party in Juba last Saturday is seeking justice for his daughter.

That evening, a soldier identified as Mading opened fire on celebrants at the Giada area.

The suspect is said to have been denied entry to the venue and man-handled by security earlier.

In retaliation, he returned sometimes later and opened fire on the celebrants, killing two people before escaping.

Tiberio Kore, who is a father of the 19-year-old mother has urged the concerned authorities to investigate the matter.

“The government says it has identified the suspect. It is the government that can handle this matter. I ask the government to investigate this incident thoroughly,” he stressed.

On Wednesday, SPLA spokesperson Brigadier-General Lul Ruai said the attacker is an SPLA soldier serving under the Tiger Division.

“We do not know the motive why he had opened fire at the crowd that was celebrating birthday party. We are doing our best to ensure that he is brought to justice,” he said.