Slay queens who were drooling over President Kiir’s son Thiik Kiir were left disappointed when pictures of Thiik and his Kenyan wife surfaced online.

Last week, Salva Kiir Mayardit, while on a courtesy visit to Bor, Jonglei State, the president introduced his long-hidden Son Thiik Kiir Mayardit. Since then, ladies couldn’t stop talking about Thiik Kiir.

Some slay queen even went the extra mile to ask for Thiik’s contacts, while others promised to give him their all.

“Someone better give me Thiik’s number before I faint,” one slay queen threatens on social media.

But these droolings were cut short when pictures of Thiik with his Kenyan wife surfaces online days later.

According to sources with knowledge of Thiik’s relationship, the couples are happily married with two beautiful kids.

They moved to Juba after Thiik got a job at the country’s highest office – The Presidency. He is the deputy executive director at the office of the president.