Slate Nation announced that he will be doing a collabo with David and Run Town this year.

This comes after his thrilling performance at the African Music and Cultural Festival held in Melbourne, Australia last year.

Rumors also have it that he is set to do a collabo with another Nigeria’s superstar Skales early next year, terming it as a busy year for him.

His thrilling performance of his hit single ‘Juba Juice’ at the African Music and Cultural Festival 2018 excited many and as a result gained him massive popularity around the world.

Born Ngot Peter Mou Athuai, Slate Nation began his musical career way back in 2007 as a choir member, which later saw him form a group that brought him into the limelight with their first hit song, “Come Back Home” which rocked the airwaves of South Sudan back then as it was a favorite to many.

On an online interview, the South Sudanese star confirmed the rumors saying the collabo is bound to happen soon. He had Skales, Davido and Run Town all lined for a collabo with him with all things being set by 2019 hopefully.

Skales is a Nigerian rapper, singer and a songwriter. He has also done various collabo with other best selling artists like Davido.