Singer Slate Nation who is based in Uganda had a privilege of meeting his idol, the South Sudanese NBA player Luol Deng this week in Kampala.

According to the singer, Luol asked to meet him in order to congratulate him on his music success.

“He congratulated me on the progress of my music and he can’t wait to hear my new album,” the singer told HIJ

The award-winning star who recorded a song dedicated to Luol Deng early this year revealed to Hot in Juba that the NBA star disclosed to him his upcoming developmental projects in the country which include building an orphanage and a world class sports stadium in South Sudan.

“We talked about upcoming projects he is working on, he is now building a big orphanage care and play ground where these kids are going to study, play, do swinging and a lot of things and he is now in the process of building a very good football ground in Juba exactly like the ones in Europe,” said Slate Nation.

The Juba Juice singer said through him, Luol has urged South Sudanese youth to shun tribalism and spread messages of peace, love and unity among South Sudanese all over the world and look for a way forward in rebuilding the nation.