You have gone out and gotten yourself a “take away”, its morning and you have no idea what to do or say to the person next you.
You try to remember her name but nothing comes to mind. What do you do? Be remorseful and just tell them to leave your house or just assume that they will leave stealthily?

And what do you do when you sober up? Here are a few questions you are likely to ask yourself in the morning:

1. What is her name? You don’t want to look like the bad guy for forgetting her name. Probably she never told you her name, but do you think if you can’t remember the name of someone who you just slept with that must make her super easy. How many times has she referred to you as “YOU” this morning? Seems she also doesn’t remember your name, either.

2. Should I kiss her before she leaves? Does she want me to kiss her or just open the door and let her leave? You don’t want her to think this is somehow the beginning of something when it most likely isn’t. There isn’t anything wrong with kissing her goodbye. You were inside her only a few short hours ago, remember?

3. Does she think I was as bad as I think I was? You were not at your best and you don’t want her to think you were bad in bed. “I was very drunk,” you try to convince yourself. Obviously, it was not your best performance. You feel self-conscious about being thought of as having no skills, when you certainly do have the skills.

4. Does she want ‘morning glory’ or should I just tell her to leave? You still want some more of the action, but you don’t want her to overstay her welcome. You also aren’t sure she is as cute as you thought.

5. Should I cook breakfast? – You don’t want to seem needy or desperate by asking if she wants breakfast. It feels awkward and out-of-bounds to ask her if she wants to eat after spending one sloppy night at the bar.
6. Should I give her my number? You just had a one night stand with a total stranger and you are sure you will never see her again, so should you go ahead and ask for her number or just let her go?