At least six people have been reportedly killed in cattle-related violence in Tonj at the weekend.

The incident happened on Saturday when youth from Rual-bet area clashed with youth from Awuul area over looted cattle, according to the secretary-general of the defunct Tonj State.

“These youth were trying to recover their cattle that had been looted. They continued to pursue the looters up to Awuul area where they clashed, resulted in the killing of six youth,” Gabriel Awan told Eye Radio on Monday.

He said three other people were also wounded in the clashes.

There have been a series of similar clashes in the area.

In August last year, nearly 130 people were killed in Tonj following clashes between government disarmament forces and armed youth – commonly known as Gelweng.

This was after the government launched a disarmament exercise in the state. But it was later suspended following the violent response from the youth.

The army has since not declared the resumption of the disarmament exercise.

Local leaders say the youth are still heavily armed.