Six Covid-19 patients on Tuesday escaped from Yirol Hospital, authorities at the Health Centre said.

According to the report from the hospital, two cases were confirmed on Tuesday bringing the total to 46, while one escapee died on Wednesday as the relatives tried to seek for traditional treatment in the village.

“There are three reasons which made these people with Coronavirus escape. One is denied to leave the hospital. Secondly, those who tested positive the fear stigma because it has become like HIV,” said Dr.John Mabor.

He said out of 46 confirmed cases, 16 were of Health workers in Yirol Hospital while the rest were members of the community.

Dr. Mabor appealed to the public to observe measures of social distancing, avoid overcrowded public places, wear facemasks, wash hands regularly with soaps, and remain at home when having symptoms of covid-19.

The Health authorities said out of46 confirmed cases four had died while three were in critical condition.

The Health Officer said Organizations like CUAAM International and Response Rapid Team were providing necessary supports as well as setting up an isolation center at the hospital.

C: Juba Monitor