South Sudanese singer Yori Yori is having trouble currently knowing who is responsible for her 2-month-old pregnancy. According to sources close to Yori Yori who contacted HIJ told us that Yori Yori has been sleeping with Amac Don and some dude call Majok and now she is 2 months heavy and she doesn’t know if Amac Don or Majok is the sperm-donor.

“Yori Yori has been playing Amac and Manjok for some time now and now that she is pregnant and she is confused in some type of a way who is responsible,” the source said.

Yori Yori who is has been seen on numerous occasion with Amac Don are thought to be just friends but according to sources, the two have been doing a lot in behind close doors.

We contacted  Yori Yori for comment and she told us that we should stop away from her private life.