Dancehall artist PNC last Sunday fought his now ex bae Neetah Baby at De Havana’s Hangover Night.

Neetah entered the club with her girls and found PNC in the club in company of other chicks but the trouble started when Neetah tried to join PNC’s table but was told to keep away according to our club sources. The move by PNC angered Neetah who went of offensive immediately. Chairs were seen flying shortly after she was denied to join PNC and his group of groupies.

We are told she first started by violently slapping PNC before things went physical when PNC fought back. The fight was stopped by club’s security and the drunk singers made to calm down.

De Havana lounge hosts what is called ‘Hangover Night’ ever Sunday and the club is always packed to the capacity. No wonder a lot of people in Juba do not turn up for job Monday morning.

By the way, Neetah Baby is one of Juba’s fast rising female singers. She is popular for her song ‘Binia Wewe’. Neetah is also the Eye Radio’s Female Artist of The Year for 2014.