Dancehall singer Nesty Beibe is now recuperating following the incident where he was allegedly beaten by a gang led by a lad named Chudi who is said to be a brother to singer Emma 47 and a member of 211 Entertainment.

Nesty told HIJ this week that last Friday he was badly beaten in the club and even got trailed when he ran for his life. The singer said he was attacked for no reason.

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He narrated to HIJ what transpired that night below:

“After attending Nyibol Grace’s show I left with radio presenter Alando Clement for Mask Bar. We sat at our own table, then I saw my fellow artists and went to greet them. But when I tried to say hi to Chudi, he was like don’t greet me and when I asked why, that’s when he punched me and all gangs just jumped on me.

I was beaten seriously even some security guys joined in to beat me. I was rescued by one guy I knew who then put me on boda-boda to go home.

But when I reached Tongpiny near Club Nameless, the boda-boda guy said he won’t take me upto Nimule Logistics where I live. When I got off I saw two boda-bodas behind us. They planned to come and kill me. So i just ran up to home as they come after me. When I entered the house I woke up people that’s when they backed off and escaped.

I never had any problem with them before, only that he didn’t want me to greet him. They even tried sending me military personnel to harm me”