South Sudan National Police Service last month released a damning report revealing the existence of human trafficking rings in the country.

According to report, unsuspecting and desperate South Sudan longing to find jobs abroad are lured into human trafficking traps by criminals. These South Sudanese are promised good jobs abroad and smuggled to Europe through Northern Africa routes in Libya.

In recent reports, helpless young South Sudanese are among Africans languishing in Libyan detention centers where they are sold as slaves and sex slaves.

Due to this, South Sudanese singer and peace activist Manas Lomori better known to his music fans as MC Lumoex decided to use his voice to create awareness about the human trafficking menace.

The singer known for his positive vibes, fight against tribalism, youth empowerment and advocacy for peace is now tackling human trafficking through song.

The singer taps another popular South Sudanese singer Crazy Fox to release “Tebiu Nas” which loosely translates ‘Human Trafficking” in Juba Arabic.

The song which was released last weekend seeks to warn South Sudanese about the dangers of human trafficking and tricks used by criminals to lure unsuspecting South Sudanese.

The singer who is also the founder of weekly comedy night, “Kilkilu Ana Comedy Extra” has been involved in youth empowerment activities in the country. He founded an annual dance competition called “Alabu Dance” but was discontinued in its fourth year due to lack of sponsors and support.

The musician says he had plans of headlining countrywide awareness campaign and concerts to caution South Sudanese about human trafficking but due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic that will not happen.

He calls on South Sudanese to share the song now available online for free download widely and spread the message about human trafficking.

Listen to the song below: